Colorado Christmas 2015

Visiting Jenny in Evergreen
20151223 082713  Georgia is under those clouds! 20151223 172828  Jennys tree 20151223 173119  At Jennys place 20151223 192909  Iceskating at Evergreen lake.
20151223 192926  Lake house at Evergreen lake 20151224 104659  Jennys street DSC01473 DSC01476
DSC01477  Gray Rock DSC01478  Eye of the needle DSC01479  South Gateway rock DSC01480  Eye of the needle up close
DSC01481 DSC01482 DSC01483 DSC01484  Tower of Babel
DSC01485 DSC01486 DSC01488 DSC01489
DSC01491 DSC01492 DSC01493 DSC01494
DSC01495 DSC01497 DSC01498 DSC01499  Garden of the Gods with Pikes Peak in background
DSC01500 DSC01501 DSC01502 DSC01504  Balanced Rock
DSC01505 DSC01506 DSC01507 DSC01508
DSC01510 DSC01511 DSC01512 DSC01519  Denver Christmas Lights
DSC01520  Denver Christmas Lights DSC01521  Denver Christmas Lights DSC01525  Denver Christmas Lights DSC01526  Denver Christmas Lights
DSC01529  Denver Christmas Lights DSC01530  Denver Christmas Lights DSC01535  Elk crossing highway and service road a few blocks from Jennys place DSC01536
DSC01537 DSC01539  Grazing at Wendys DSC01541  Grazing at Expresso Evergreen DSC01542  at Jennys place
DSC01543  Hot Chocolate night DSC01544  That B mine! DSC01546  After a snowy night DSC01548  Loaf N Jug (Kroger)
DSC01549  Near Dillon Colorado DSC01553 DSC01554 DSC01556  Interstate 70 rest area.  It looks like it is always open no matter how deep the snow is.
DSC01557  Rest area 20151226 140059  Top of lift at Buttermilk Aspen Ski Area 20151226 140116  Top of lift 20151226 141242  Skiing down a 3 mile ski run.
20151226 142520  We had some trails by ourself 20151226 150012  No lift line waits. 20151226 150325 DSC01559  Entering Glenwood Canyon
20151226 150653 20151226 150657 DSC01560  I-70 through Glenwood Canyon DSC01562  Gotta love that sky!  Looking down the frozen Colorado River
DSC01576  I-70 DSC01579 20151226 151750  Top of lift 20151226 151753  looking out from ski area
20151226 151802 20151226 152754  Cliffhouse at top of lift Around 10,000' elev. 20151226 153933  Looking out from Cliffhouse 20151226 153946
20151226 161757 20151226 172622  We rode the gondola down from our room to the Snowmass Villiage for diner.  Very cold night! DSC01585  Breakfast at Poppycocks Cafe in Aspen before taking the snowmobiles to Marroon Bells DSC01587  Maroon Bells in the distance.
DSC01588  It was minus 5 when we got to the snowmobiles.  So cold the low tire pressure light came on. DSC01590  Snowmobile rental place DSC01591  Jenny all geared up.  I drove with her on the back. DSC01592
DSC01593  Read  to go! DSC01594  With the Colorado sun we were toasty warm even though it was near zero degrees. DSC01596  Selfie! DSC01599  Our leader.  What a job!
DSC01602 DSC01603  Getting closer DSC01606  Again...the sky! DSC01608
DSC01610  Bike with snow tires DSC01613  At snow covered Maroon Lake.  Maroon Bells in the background.  Both peaks are over 14,000' elevation. DSC01614  Yes it was fun! DSC01615
DSC01616 DSC01617  Sievers Mountain DSC01618 DSC01619
DSC01620 DSC01621 DSC01624 DSC01625  Pyramid Peak 14,000+
DSC01626 DSC01627 DSC01629 DSC01630
DSC01632 DSC01633 Bells  I had to throw this one in to show how it looks in the fall.  This pic was stollen off the internet. : Categories, Colorado, HDR, Maroon-Bells, North America, Places, United States, fall color, forest, lake, landscape, mountain, nature, reflection, sunrise DSC01635
DSC01636 DSC01638 DSC01639 DSC01640
DSC01641 DSC01642 DSC01643 DSC01644
DSC01645 DSC01646 DSC01647 DSC01648
DSC01649  Headed back DSC01650 DSC01651  There were skiers comming down that! DSC01652
DSC01653 DSC01654 DSC01655  Our guide let us race on an oval track when we got back.  (he said we were good)  Only stipulation...we had to pay for any damage to the snowmobiles.  It was lots of fun! DSC01656  Headed back to Evergreen